They are the infinite shapes we find in our daily lives, the result of constant research and brave investments.

We collaborate with our customers for a more sustainable life that is attentive to environmental and social challenges, supporting them in the creation of products and components in aluminum and non-ferrous metals present in all its forms in which our life takes shape.

Letter to the Stakeholders

Valerio Presezzi


I am proud to confirm that progress has been made regarding energy efficiency thanks to the efforts to design and build high-tech performance systems. An important objective that has given great prestige to our Group is the obtaining of the international EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) Certification on some of our Group’s flagship products.

The market diversification of “new” industries, the push and global growth in the automotive sector with the electric transition and the high-speed rail sector has driven our customers, European and American, to a true industrial conversion and led to a explosion of requests for quality systems. Through incessant interventions over the years, our Group has demonstrated that it is able to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Bruno Presezzi

Chief executive officer

In recent years we have achieved important satisfaction thanks to customers who have renewed their trust in us, choosing Presezzi Extrusion Group to finalize their projects increasingly devoted to advanced technology that respect environmental standards. It is precisely in the field of the environment that our commitment is increasingly evident, driven by our market objectives, but not only.

We have decided to invest in the expansion of our production areas and to continue working on attracting new talent to create a positive and stimulating work environment that enhances the specificities of individuals, also investing increasingly in their training.

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